Friday, June 3, 2011

How to Configure Network Connection in fedora 15

Now, a days most of end-users have a common question i.e., How to configure network connection for usb-modem, mobile phone and broadband etc.

Today, I will try to cover all different types of network setup in fedora 15.

First step
First step for network configuration is to open Network Manager where you have to enter LAN and Service Provider's Info.
You can open Network Manager by:

1. Right click on the icon of two Computer -> Edit Connections
2. Left click on the icon of two Computer -> VPN Connections -> Configure VPN
Or Using command:
3. $ nm-connection-editor

Now, after this you can find a small window something like this:

I. Router/modem in bridge mode.
Most of the bsnl users, use this mode of network setup.
Before you start your network setup you must need two things:
1. username provided by bsnl.
2. password provided by bsnl.

Now, click on the DSL tab of Network Manager -> Add/Edit

Enter you username and password provided by bsnl, and service can be any name. (better to use service provider's name)
At the end don't forget to "Save" your changes.

II. Router/modem in pppoe mode.
This mode of network setup is mostly used in Corporate sectors and sometime people having dual boot System.
Now, click on the Wired tab of Network Manager -> Add/Edit

Here, the IP, Netmask and other information may not be the same for your case.

Note: All the information which are entered here are similar to the information entered in case of "Network Places -> LAN Connection" in Windows XP.

III. Internet Connection on PC using Mobile Phone.
Here, mobile phone works as a modem and mobile phone is connected to PC using a data cable.
Now, click on the Wireless tab of Network Manager -> Add/Edit

From "Any Device" drop down select your device and simply follow the steps.
Note: At the end must check if APN Name is corret.

IV. For usb-modem.
For bsnl and other dial-up usb-modem, same as "I. Router/modem in bridge mode."
For other, "III. For Mobile Phone."

1. At a time enable "Connect Automatically" for only one device.
2. There are other ways of network connection too available but all above steps are simple and less risky.


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  5. how to configure wired DSL connection on Fedora 17 ?

  6. how do i setup bsnl broad band on fedora 16

  7. I am using Fedora 16. Till last night wired connection was working perfectly fine. Today, I don't know what happened it just keeps trying and in the end it says "connection failed". If I connect that to my other system (windows) it works perfect. Wireless am able to access in both the system.

    I followed the 1st step mentioned in your blog
    I. Router/modem in bridge mode.
    but still its not working. any solution?

  8. Hi! Can you please tell me how to set up wireless broadband in fedora 16? I mean I have manged to locate and connect to the router from my laptop. Now I wan to connect the router to the internet through dial up. But I can't find any place to configure of connect using the username and password given by ISP. I have tried making a new connection in the DSL section of the Network Manager but I am unable to cnnect it.

  9. hi.. can you tell me how to connect the internet(mobile broadband) in fedora 15.

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  11. but if my ip address is not static

  12. @Egg:
    There are two ways you can configure your BSNL Broadband modems.
    1. Either configure everything with username and password in modem.
    If your modem is "connected to System" and "Powered".
    Every time you start your machine you don't have to connect manually to internet.
    Even you don't need internet your internet usage will increase.
    Either unplug power cable when you don't need internet.
    You have UL Plan. :P

    2. You can use Modem as a bridge mode and configurations will be in your System.
    a) You can connect to internet only when you need.
    b) Others can't use you internet connection by connecting LAN cable to his/her PC. (without authentications)
    c) Also, if you feel you can choose to type your BSNL password every time you want to connect to internet.

    1. Thanks for your clarification. I will test whenever get some time and will inform you.

      I tried all possible suggestions sometime back, can't remember why other strategies didn't work then. I was unaware of your article then.

      Also, Network Manager got some makeover since Fedora 18 (I think) and Fedora 20 will release with some more changes. So at that time this article will need to be updated. I will test it as the Beta releases & will inform you.

      Hope you are reachable through your fedoraproject ID.

  13. Hi .. can you guyzz tell me how to connect cable broadband in fedora... in windows 7 i just need to plug in the jack in the port which my service provider has given me and then enter my username and pwd,then click the LOGIN button and i am ready to go.. but how shall i connect it in fedora?? if u guyzz tell me then it will be of much help.Thanks in advance


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