Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fedora And Open Source Event, GCECT

Before I start, I like to Thanks Rahul Sundaram, Prosun Sir, all Speakers, all Volunteers and my college teachers who help me a lot to organise this event successfully.
Thou, I agree that there where few mistakes may be since this was my first event or first FOSS event in our college (strange na) or may be due to lack of any Senior fedora Ambassador.

What ever may be I put you to decide the perfect reason for this.

Event Details:
Total Event Registration: 200+
Total Event Attended: almost 150

2nd Feb 2011, I entered into my college campus at 9:00 A.M (1 and half hour before event was going to begin), my friend (responsible for managing auditorium and audio system setup) called both the person (lives beside our college campus) who were responsible for auditorium and audio system setup. Event's starting time was 10:30 A.M, but auditorium and Audio system setup was completed at 11:30 A.M in simple 1 and half hour late. Few people may be thinking why we haven't go for Auditorium and Audio system setup day before the event's day. The reason is simple, we already had a cost related problem and going for those setup day before that means we had to pay charges for two days. Ok! Atlast event started almost at 12:00 P.M.
Note: I have learned a new thing and I like to share this with my friends those who are first time going to organize any Event. Try to maintain that Event's beginning time must not be before 11:30am.

Event started with the speech of Mr.Indranil Das Gupta. Really very inspiring speech in which he had explained us about FOSS, importance of FOSS. Few information about fedora like total number of languages currently available in fedora. He had also mentioned about Fedora Project and Google Summer Coding. Here I can't stop myself saying about the best example of the importance of FOSS given by Mr. Indranil. i.e., air we breath is like FOSS and we can't live without it, may be we can hold our-self for few secs but after that we will start choking for air. He also mentioned about people like Sayamindu Das Gupta, Gopal V, Subhodip Biswas, Arindam Ghosh, Susmit Shannigrahi, Máirín Duffy and about their contributions to FOSS and Fedora.

-- break for 30mins --

After his speech I found a lot of attendees, specially new faces taking interest into FOSS and asking me about how to make contribution on FOSS and Fedora projects. Before, he leave he suggested me to create a group with other WBUT Board (West Bengal University Of Technology) students. I really found this very important after this event.

After break, my friend Er. Rahul Ghose came on stage to speak on “Awareness On Programming tools in linux”. Really very important topic for attendees since almost all attendees were Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology students. Before, event many students asked me about programming tools which are available in Linux. I hope this speech has solved a lot of queries regarding that.

After that around 2:20, Mr A.Mani was holding the mic for his speech on “Digitization of Documents in Fedora Linux”. Few people may be don't know that Mr. A.Mani is an Ambassador from India and has a lot of experience on events. Also, he coordinates the activities of ILUG-CALINFO. “Digitization of Documents” - a new topic for me too. So, I was trying to lessen his speech carefully. Few topics which I liked a lot from his speech are Copy-Left Licenses, Creative Common Licenses, Open Hardware, Scan Tailor and few others.

Next came Abhishek Jha, I guess this was his first speech on FOSS event speech (please correct me if I am wrong). He answered about one of the question asked by attendees “How to make money from FOSS projects”. He used examples of his friends and some tips during his speech for his explanation regarding this.

Next my turn, it was almost around 4:50, I guess. I have heard a lot of attendees were interested to hear on this topic “Cloud Computing and OpenStack-swift”. But, everyone was tired a lot during my speech, So I have to cut down my speech. I told them about What is cloud computing?, Importance of Cloud Computing, Public Cloud and Private Cloud, Cloud Infrastructure, OpenStack Servers, Swift tool, and few other topics.

During, speech I have found lots of questions from attendees. So, I have added a Question and Answer section at the end. Few of the question which I remember now are:
1. What is Fedora??
2. How to make money from FOSS projects??
3. When FOSS project's codes are open to be changed by anyone, what about the security from harmful code, if someone intentionally adds a harmful code??
4. About Fedora bugs and where to report, etc

Conclusion and Suggestion:

I think we need to create a mailing list or fedora-wbut group for wbut-students on fedora (if possible). Since for each and every fedora release there is at-least one fedora event by WBUT students. But, these events lacks co-ordinators, also searching for them before event is almost not possible due to exams, campussing, college etc. I guess a group or mailing list will be best to bind them all at a common place.

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