Friday, September 16, 2011

Tip / Trick for web developers

Today I was trying to install JEvent2.0 in Joomla1.5.23 for one of my client.
But, when ever I "upload and install" JEvent I was getting few MySQL error messages.
Something like this:
* Component Install: DB function failed with error number 2006
MySQL server has gone away SQL=INSERT INTO ULJoomla_components VALUES( 0, 'JEvents MVC', 'option=com_jevents', 0, 0, 'option=com_jevents', 'JEvents MVC', 'com_jevents', 0, 'js/ThemeOffice/component.png', 0, '', 1 )

INSERT INTO ULJoomla_components VALUES( 0, 'JEvents MVC', 'option=com_jevents', 0, 0, 'option=com_jevents', 'JEvents MVC', 'com_jevents', 0, 'js/ThemeOffice/component.png', 0, '', 1 )

* Error Loading ModulesMySQL server has gone away SQL=SELECT id, title, module, position, content, showtitle, control, params FROM ULJoomla_modules AS m LEFT JOIN ULJoomla_modules_menu AS mm ON mm.moduleid = WHERE m.published = 1 AND m.access <= 2 AND m.client_id = 1 ORDER BY position, ordering

Extract the archive file and paste the complete path and press "Install" (not upload and install).
But, in my case I don't have full path since I have access to joomla's root directory using ftp only.
Here, goes the solution, how I made it worked for me:
1. upload the archive file into (joomla'root directory)/tmp/
2. now use "upload and install" method to install file.
Finally installed smoothly without a single issue.


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