Monday, November 14, 2011

How to get Window's minimize and maximize button in fedora 16

This is something which I believe should have been available by default.
Thou, the below steps to get that is not so difficult and also little bit of fun.

Step 1. Download gconf-editor
# yum install gconf-editor

Step 2. Open gconf-editor
# gconf-editor

Step 3. Go to / -> desktop -> gnome -> shell -> windows

Step4. Now click on value of button_layout and change it to:

Step 5. Logout and Login back ...... it's done! :)

Note: if you want some space between menu buttons use "space" for eg:


  1. Or. you could install 'gnome-tweak-tool' it has an gui option to changes what windows buttons to show :)

  2. I used only


    without "_"
    and logout..Its working

  3. I'm not getting it to show on a window after following your instructions. any ideas?

  4. instead of logging out type Alt-F2 and type r and press enter

  5. thank you, it's working perfectly..

  6. yeah... it's working.... thank you...!!

  7. gnome-tweak-tool is little easier way to enable maximise-minimise buttons..

  8. BTW, thanks for the post and comments folks.

  9. i have try this and got some problem in attempting but successfully made it with the help of more information gather. graphic design maryborough

  10. This is ridiculous. Who would think NOT having a minimize button made sense in the first place? I've been in computers since 1977, 23 years at IBM repairing mainframes and the PCs that control them, and have had at least a half dozen PCs since 1980s.

    I have NO IDEA how to do what this post directs. No idea where to find gnome-tweak-tool (yes I searched and found more posts telling me to do things I don't know how to do).

    WHEN will Linux people "get" that not everyone is a geek who wants to know how to manipulate the inner workings of a PC? Some of us just want to do productive work - not play with computer code.

    Linux will NEVER catch on as long as it continues to expect everyone to learn how to tweak their own code, use a command line, manually install or update programs.

    THAT is why so few use it - and why even after moving through Ubuntu to Linux Mint to Fedora is STILL frustrates me and wastes my time. I will not return to Microsoft or MAC but this is all UNNECESSARY, needless aggravation that will continue to prevent people from using Linux.

    1. I truly agree with every word! I am a nerd developer but one to see linux more idiot proof. It as so much going for it but can be so complicated at times just to do some simple things. However should we complain as its free and we don't help with the development?

  11. Ensure you are not logged in as root while running gconf-editor or it may not work for you (or at least didn't work for me). Log in as a non-root user and follow the steps.It worked breeze for me after logging out from root!

  12. And yes... thanks for the easy steps :-)

  13. thank you dear brother i have done as your advise thank you lot off

  14. hi everyone,
    I am a new fedora user.
    I installed "gconf-editor" but I'm not able to set it like in this tuto.
    I don't have this "desktop -> gnome -> shell -> windows" but that "desktop -> ibus -> engine -> chewing".
    In "Chewing", i don't see "button_layout". So I don't know what to do and how to do it.

    I do hope someone may help me !!

    1. I just find a tuto that solves my problem. It's about how to set "gnome-tweak-tool". More details can be found here:

      It works very well for me (p.s: my OS is Fedora 18)

      Nice day to everyone.

  15. I have used gnome-tweek-tool.
    Buttons appear when the window is in "unmaximize"-ed mode. Once a window gets maximized these buttons disappear. Only the file explorer is behaving this way. Firefox has min/max options now.

    Any idea how to fix this?